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Remember that 1 time I forgot to write the review?

I love this show. Josh and Roy are hilarious and this show is super relatable having grown up in a Jewish home. Also, go me for finally writing the review!

Great for non-Jews too!

I’m really happy to have been turned on to this wonderful podcast. I’m not Jewish but I’m a big cannabis fan, and an open, curious spiritual seeker. I find it very funny and informative. Josh and Roy are doing a great job and I’d urge anyone, regardless of their religion or non-religion, to give it a listen.

Jew know what?!?

I dig it guys. Relaxed, informative and funny. Your laughter is contagious and enhances the experience. Very proud of my little brother, Roy and looking forward to meeting Josh. I hope I make of the list of guests on the show. I enjoyed learning more details about the mitsvot thus far and as a wondering Jew, am always eager to learn. Keep up the fantastic work!


Loved it. To say we are biased is an understatement. It was a sheer pleasure to hear two of our offspring on the same Podcast. Well done guys. It was great. We will share the Podcast with some of our “highly” educated Jewish friends. 😜 בהצלחה רבה!


Great mix of the silly and the serious!